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Orphanage Care

As noted, presently our orphanage has some 18 children under care, with room to take in more than double that number when our financial resources permit. Our care involves providing the children with:

Proper Nutrition Daily – 3 square meals each day
Proper Sleeping Quarters
Play Area & Play Activities

Surrogate Parental Guidance & Support - Attending to their emotional and developmental needs on a daily basis through ongoing Character Training, Supportive Counseling and Moral Encouragement

Amenities & Other Basic Needs - Clothing, Shoes, Personal Grooming Items

Medical Care – Purchasing of medical care from professional medical personnel who come to see our children in our own onsite Medical Room, or taking the children to Clinics in the district for such care. Combined, these basic orphanage care supports are proving a VERY HEAVY LOAD for our founder/president and our few existing donors to continue to try to bear alone. We really do need your help. PLEASE HELP .