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Our Commitment To You

For The Children: Our Policy of Care

We shall continue to use your contributions in the wisest ways possible to care for our children.

We shall continue to care for our children with the utmost love and care of a loving mother;

We shall continue to do all we can to position our children for a solid future that belies their unfortunate beginnings.

Spending On The Children & Programs, Not Administration!

To make sure that as much as possible all funds raised actually go directly towards the care of the Children and the programs we have listed here, it is the policy of Abosamso Orphanage and Charity International that NO MORE THAN 20% of all funds raised would be devoted to the administrative functions we must perform.

This means at least 80% of all dollars contributed will actually end up directly as program expenditure on the children, the needy, or the broader community we all wish to help.

Our 20% policy compares most favourably with any of the big, well-known traditional charity institutions in Canada and the U.S. , who typically spend about 65% of all monies received on their bureaucratic expenditures. With them, that leaves only about 35% for those who are actually supposed to benefit from the donations made, compared with our 80% Program Expenditure Commitment! As this means more help for the children, the needy and the community, we are happy to stand by it!