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Orphanage Elementary School

A most important service we also provide all our children is elementary education. This is provided through our own school, which presently provides formal education to our elementary school-aged children. We have a complement of teachers and a headmistress who run our Grade 1-8 elementary school. This is to ensure that our children are equipped with the necessary learning and preparation for high school and beyond. We endeavour to address all the education-related needs of our elementary school, such as:

Exercise Books
Reading Books
School Meals
Washroom Facilities & School Maintenance
Recreation Compound
School Attire
Classrooms & Amenities – Desks, Chairs, Learning Props – Clay, Tags, etc.

Like our basic Orphanage Care program, however, our Elementary School is also turning out to be extremely expensive and difficult to sustain, let alone improve. More and more our truly meager resources are proving less and less adequate to the task.

Any help you can give us for this or any of our other programs would be dearly appreciated.