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Goods and Materials

You can assist us by donating goods/materials we can use in our programs or distribute to the needy in Ghana. Examples of materials you can donate to us are:




Exercise Books

Reading Books

Dry Food (Unexpired)

Washroom & School Maintenance Amenities & Supplies – Toilet Rolls, Towels, Soap, Toilet Equipment, Water Closets, Repair Kits, etc.


Medicines and Medical Equipment/Supplies – Aspirin, Tylenol & other non-prescription drugs & supplies (unexpired), etc.

Clothing – New, Used, End-of-Line, etc.

Personal Hygiene Items

Classroom Equipment & Supplies – Desks, Chairs, Learning Props – Clay, Tags, etc.

School & Orphanage Building Materials/Supplies – Drywalls, Window Frames, Blinds, etc.

School Bus/Van/Car – For Group Outings, Clinic Appointments, etc.