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Our Origins & Legal Status

Our orphanage started with the spontaneous commitment on the part of our founder and president, Madam Martha Nyame, to do something real and concrete to address the truly gut-wrenching plight of the many orphaned or abandoned children she encountered on her trip back to her home town of Abosamso in 1994.

Using her own personal resources – three-quarters of her own income over the first 4 years, and a sizeable portion still - Madam Nyame acquired a home and hired substitute parents, teachers, an administrator, and support staff to take in and care for these children even before she returned back to Canada in 1994.

Following its spontaneous beginnings, the orphanage acquired formal Ghanaian Government recognition in 2006 after a thorough, on-site operational review as an orphanage; and recently, in January 2010, we were also formally recognized and approved in Canada as a lawfully registered charity under the Income Tax Act, after 16 years of operating as such.