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Vocational Training Program

Our charity has also been approved by both Canada Revenue Agency and the Gov't of Ghana to offer vocational training to youth and young adults facing a bleak future as a result of a lack of marketable skills. These youth and young adults often lack such skills because they do not possess even primary school education, or did not have the resources or support to acquire such skills either through their high school or post-secondary education or outside apprenticeship. Thus, since 1994 we have been offering free vocational training to such individuals in the Abosamso area of Ghana, through the Orphanage's vocational training arm,Mart's Vocational Training Institute . The vocational training has focused on commercial sewing and hairstyling training to girls and young women in Abosamso, and we plan to expand it to include auto mechanic and carpentry training for boys. Through this training, we aim to enable such youth to acquire specific marketable skills with which they could build a more promising future for themselves.

Unfortunately, our existing and ongoing resources could not sustain the client load of 25 we served annually under our vocational training program between 1994 and 2008. Thus, since 2009 we have been forced to scale back the client load to a mere 5 needy trainees, despite the continuing very high demand. However, we remain committed to not only bringing back the level of service required to meet the needs of the community but to expand it to serve even more clients as soon as resources permit. Again, PLEASE HELP us with our Vocational Training Program.

Besides our primary focuses on our orphanage and vocational services, we also plan, secondarily, to deliver the following supports and services which we have been approved to offer in Ghana:

Basic supplies to the needy in the general community, such as food, medicine, clothing, and educational supplies (exercise books, pencils, pens, etc.) An Educational Program on Key Health Challenges in Ghana , such as Diet and Health, High Blood Pressure, Kidney Disease, Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, etc. An Environmental Education Program, focusing on advancing knowledge and understanding of Sustainable Environmental Practices in the Forestry Industry In Ghana. Improving both the Quality and Access to Water in Ghana by Building and Making Available Good Quality Water from Wells and Water Treatment Plants. We would be happy to receive your financial contribution earmarked for any of these planned programs and/or our basic orphanage and vocational training programs.


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