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What We Do & How We Do It

We run an orphanage that is combined with an elementary school to not only care for the physical, safety, emotional, and developmental needs of orphaned and abandoned children in Ghana , but also provide for their education and moral needs as well. We employ a team of caring adults who provide the loving care of a parent to our children on a day-to-day basis.

Starting spontaneously in 1994 with 25 orphaned and abandoned children, we have grown to care for 18 children on a daily basis today, with room to take in and care for more than double that number with your help!

Our in-house elementary school provides the children with a full complement of elementary education, from Grades 1-8, and is delivered by our own staff of 5 teachers and a qualified school administrator.

Unfortunately, our existing and ongoing resources could not sustain the client load of 25 we served annually under our vocational training program between 1994 and 2008. Thus, since 2009 we have been forced to scale back the client load to a mere 5 needy trainees, despite the continuing very high demand. However, we remain committed to not only bringing back the level of service required to meet the needs of the community but to expand it to serve even more clients as soon as resources permit. Again, YOUR ASSISTANCE WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED.

We are therefore happy to care, and grateful for your compassionate support.